GoPro straight mount extender (double two prong / double male)


Summary This GoPro extension arm was designed to join two conventional GoPro mounts together. Sometimes these mounts can be useful to attach things other than the GoPro camera. As an example, I use this to mount a flashlight on a Y-mount using my handlebar GoPro mount. This way I can shoot video in low-light settings without having to use a ring light or buy a light specifically for GoPro. Print Settings Printer: Monoprice Maker Select (Prusa i3) Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 30% Notes: I did not use rafts and ended up with the underside looking asymmetrically. I recommend you print with supports. The model is small, so it will not be very wasteful. I printed this with PLA since it is my first roll of filament, so let me know how much you need to account for shrinking in the comments if you decide to print with ABS.

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