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Summary If Makerbot and Reprap had a demon child- This is a beast. Built with both the reprap and makerbot as references. The biggest concern i had building this, was getting it to work with ball chain instead of belts, and with a lot of back and forth testing this out it finally works like a charm. I had a 440x300mm heating element custom made by some "expert", that ended up not to spesifications. The result was only 80°C, so i had to figure something out so that the ABS wouldnt end up curling, and wet sanding sheet was the answer. Now the object sticks to the platform like tongues to metal during wintertime. I got it up and running with just prints from a makerbot, but now some of the pieces are remade on itself. This is still just a prototype and a work in progress. Specs: Size: 800 mm (W) x 800 mm (D) x 600 mm (H) Build Envelope: 500 mm (W) x 300 mm (D) x 250 mm (H) Platform: Heated to 80°C Surface: Wet sanding sheet 600 grits Drive system: Ball chain (3.5mm) Instructions When using the ball chain pulley you have to edit the machines.XML in the replicatorG folder to: axis id="x" length="300" maxfeedrate="5000" scale="4.45" axis id="y" length="300" maxfeedrate="5000" scale="4.4" axis id="z" length="300" maxfeedrate="150" scale="270"

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