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Summary This has been the ultimate project for me, and is now finally functional after 8 months of blood, sweat and ABS. It is also made on my 3d printed makerbot ( ) The printer can easily get taller by adding more z-elements and replacing z lead-screws and wobble arrester bars. I would then end up with almost 800mm build hight. It wouldn't surprise me if this is the largest printed multi-piece object, as it is built from 15+ lbs of ABS plastic. Specs Footprint: 800x560 Build envelope: 500x300x200+ Platform: Heated with 800W, custom ordered, silicone wire wound element. - Kapton sheet, custom ordered to fit platform (500x300) Motors: NEMA 23 Extruder: MakerBot Stepstruder® MK6 Plus Electronics: MakerBot® Generation 4 Interface: PC/Mac or MakerBot® Gen 4 Interface Board Kit v1.1 Motion: all axis uses linear bearings for smooth motion. Build duration: 8 months Plastic used: 15+ lbs Price: 3000$ (approx.) Video of the printer in action: Instructions I have uploaded one file containing all pieces, as i cant imagine someone else making this. If there is some element of this build you want me to post an stl off, just send me an email or use the commenting system:)

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