3D/4D Holographic Printer 5 seconds


Summary3D Holographic Printer With laser and sound. Print 3d object in 5 seconds. "Do not make or print this - It is just a Idea "InstructionsIt have not been made yest. Only stl of an idea. Works on same way as http://www.peachyprinter.com/ . The only deference is this printer projects a holograph in holographic curing resin : http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/cm9908062?journalCode=cmatex , in 5 seconds you have your 3d or 4d printed object and ready to use. To speed up prose's is to use sound waves to cure faster like peach printer do. This is just and idea for all the clever people out there. If you succeed with my idea. Please just remember me in SA. I do not have the backup to complete my theory .

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