The Better Mouse Trap (for a 3D Printer!)

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You might have seen the soda bottle mousetrap (yes its one word ^_^) on YouTube...

and also this

This version combines both ideas, with added printability, uses a lot less material, saving print time (2.5 hours for all parts) and recycles widely use PET bottles.

No gluing, snap on assembly, just screw onto the PET bottle and insert a coin for the lid.

The slot for coin is designed for UK two pence, low value, no one would pinch it... Will fit coinage roughly an inch diameter and <2mm thick. In case the coin feels too loose, just pad it up with a bit of paper.

Snapping on the lid to the bottle screw mount, you should expect a snug fit, smooth enough to let the lid swing freely but not too loose as to produce any significant gap...

The lid will trigger close with just 12 grams (See slow-mo video with 7g UK two pence as counter weight on lid), thus a common house mice (Female ~20g) will very likely be enough to tip it.


Flip bottle holder 180 degrees to print! Fair amount of weight reduction should be apply in printing, use as little infill as possible(30%?), apply sufficient fan cooling for screw mount...

Not Tested on Animals Yet!

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