Lazier Susan - Low Profile, Snap-Together Swivel

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SummaryUpdate: 9-30-15 I designed some printed-in options for the swivel. There is a snap-in wedge and a rod that you can melt into a capture rivet if that works better for you. This is part of my personal projector mod handle, which will help make this a portable, potentially battery powered HD projection setup that could go anywhere in a backpack. Simple swivel for speakers or whatever. Might also be cool to scale up to make a lazy susan-style tablet base. Just print both sides and sandwich together with a small length of filament or plastic rod. Scaled up, metal bolts and locknuts could be used for strength. At the current scale I wouldn't trust more than a pound or two of weight on this. The height is about 5.5mm (7mm including both sides Scotch thick tape.) Latest update (snap version): 6.7mm (8.2mm)Print SettingsRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: .2Infill: 30% or 100%Notes: Use the expensive double sided tape and it will hold for a good while. Hot glue is also an interesting option for more temporary use. I use 3mm filament or 1/8th" plastic rod to make rivets with a woodburning knife or soldering iron. If your filament rivet is sticking up a bit, consider using a hole punch on the double sided tape where the shaft will be to allow it to spin freely.

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