Jazzy modular small pet enclosure

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SummaryThis is a home I built for my baby tortoise Ned. It features a terrace, a covered area and a sunning rock. I may throw in a fountain at some point. All you will need is 20MM plastic pipe, a bit of hardware, and small wireties. Try to color coordinate the wireties to your personal level of aesthetic continuity. The stairs are a customized version of this amazing chainmail: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:881114 Coming soon: Couplers and corner joints for various sizes. Since the kit I have came with them I didn't have to make any, but I will build some if requested. PVC specific pipe sized couplers, joints, and tiedowns, or maybe a customizer with presets. Print SettingsPrinter Brand: Robo 3DPrinter: R1 ABS + PLA ModelRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: .3Infill: 20Notes: Food safe PLA is recommended.Post-PrintingAssemblyI used a plywood base covered in the plastic that came with the reptarium kit. Short screws from filament spools are perfect to mount the pipe and bridge foot to the base. The couplers are held together with 3/4" #10 socket head screws and nuts.

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