Tilting Mirror Light Fixture


This is a lamp shade that can be used with an LED bulb.  You glue small mirrors to the platforms.  By rotating the outer ring you can change the angle of the mirrors thus directing the angle of the light.  It can be used with or without the shade I designed or a different one could be easily designed.  using different clear colored filaments will make cool light effects.

Design Files

File Size

dowels print 55 min.stl
469 KB
brackets print 7 hours.stl
2.29 MB
dome print 14 hours.stl
4.87 MB
gear base print 4 hours.stl
1.23 MB
gear ring print 5 1_2 hours.stl
3.1 MB
gears print 2 1-2 hours.stl
1.51 MB
pins only fasteners print 15 min.stl
266 KB
lamp assembly with dome.stl
8.62 MB
lamp assembly.stl
7.26 MB


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