Mini Hood Scoop with turbine


SummaryToys for big boyz. We used to put small propellers on the handlebars of our bicycles when we were small. Now we got older but we can still do the same thing to our cars or motorbikes. I've been designing some toys of this kind recently and this is the single turbne version of my mini double hood scoop. it has holes below for magnets along with suction channels. Because of the suction generated by these channels the thing sticks to the surface more as it goes faster thru the air. Can be used on metal surfaces of vehicles or stationary objects. I installed only 6 small magnets and tested the thing up to 110km/h without problems. If you want you may increase or decrease the number of magnets. leave the magnet holes connected the main turbine channel empty as they will create more suction while moving. The turbine is connected to the body via mini ball bearings inside so you can use it for years.

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