ZX Spectrum Universal Parallel Interface case

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SummaryThis is a case for ZX Spectrum Universal Parallel Interface by Jiiira. It consists of top and bottom part and joystick inhibit button. Pleas note there are 2 versions of top shell: one with text on it and one without it. Choose whichever you like and print only one of them. More information in Czech can be found here: http://cygnus.speccy.cz/popis_upi-jiiira-8255.php Few tweaks are necessary as original "Prototype 2" PCB design isn't very casing-friendly. The joystick-enable switch close to the DB-9 connector is not very stable and I decided to use standard on-off push button switch used on many multimeters (e.g. DT9205) for power on function. This switch is soldered on small conversion PCB. Reset button is in the middle of the board and it's a momentary push button. It's very close to the board and very hard to extend the push area. I've used standard momentary button switch and small conversion board too.Print SettingsPrinter Brand: RepRapPrinter: Prusa I3Rafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.3mm

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