Convert Xiaomi NightVision Wireless IP Cam to Door Viewer

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SummaryDo you want to avoid answering callers at your front door? Do you want to interact with them remotely? Do you want extra security? KickStarter projects too expensive? Too much Hipster BS? Want something free? (CC-Attribution) Well you can 3D print a housing to mount the Xiaomi IP camera with Night Vision (Xiaomi Ants) at your front door! The camera itself cost roughly £20 (US$30?), and you do need some hacking with the hardware, mainly just soldering skills, extra parts required... Undaunted? Read on! Bill of Material: 1) Xiaomi NightVsion Wireless IP camera 2) Micro USB breakout board, a specific one, dimension is important! NB: The board is 15x13x1.7mm 3) 4 x 8mm, Countersunk Screw, M3 4) 1 x 30mm, Socket Cap Screw, M3 5) 1x 25mm, Hexagon Stand-off Spacer, M3 6) Almost forgot, 1 x 3mm, M3 screw, preferable flat top to screw Hexagon spacer in place Item 4 and 5 will depend on your door thickness... e.g. Steel Reinforced Meth Lab Void Warranty Section You have to enlarge the original Mic opening on the camera to allow wiring Don't be a dummy, flip and print largest flat surface down on print bed!!!How I Designed ThisWhere are the power terminals...Unmodified disassembly Add wiring, enlarge Mic hole, extend Mic wiringReplace camera housing, stuff it into 3D printed housing, note where the Mic is positioned Thread wiring through the housing, screw in back cover. Note Left equal Negative terminal, Right equal Positive terminal, access hole for Camera ResetPut some blu-tak around the back to aide mounting on door and prevent slipping when adjusting and tightening in positionFront of door and its back, access is from the original peep hole opening...No soldering required, simply twist and loop securely the striped ends of wires, insert the long 30mm screw and tightenStuff the excess wiring back into the door peep hole cavity...Snap the cover on, plug-in the USB power, that's it job done!

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