One Million Combination Cryptex


SummaryWarning, be doubly sure to have the correct code before locking Non-Commercial! For everybody's fun and jollity ONLY This is a 5 ring, 16 symbol per ring, Cryptex. To keep your deepest darkest secret with a permutation of one million code (16^5). Inner cavity opening at its mouth is about 30mm. Design to be very nondescript, it does not have the usual numbering, with only a round protrusion ("nipple") as a marker of start position. Only the user knows to correctly turn the code clockwise or anti-clockwise, to apply the unlock code. It is also hard to tell top from bottom, unless you know where to look! It comes in only 4 printing parts: 1) Inner Crypt (IC), compared with the Outer Crypt, the two bars use for alignment has a slight difference in marking 2) Outer Crypt (OC). 3) Lock Ring (LR x5) 4) User Code Slip Ring (SR x5) Lock Ring has a notch (The Keying Notch) that's slightly wider, this aligns the insertion of Inner Crypt, it also has redundant notches (fake notches), to prevent "feeling" of the lock To set your own code, simply insert the Slip Ring at the right position, offset your chosen code to the nipple's position, noting the position of Keying Notch on Lock Ring. Do remember your point of reference (from clockwise or anti-clockwise away from the nipple) Comment if you want a 4 billion combination 8 ring version(16^8). Print SettingsPrinter: Denise3DRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.2mmInfill: 30%Notes: Remember to flip and print largest flat surface on build plateHow I Designed ThisIt was daylight saving... And I couldn't sleep

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