Bowden extruder based on compact extruder

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SummaryA more compact extruder for my 3DR delta printer. This version is for 1.75mm filament. Two versions are provide for 40 and 48mm-long steppers.InstructionsYou will need to print the idler, small and large gears too. You can get them from the sources. Besides an MK8-like hobbed bolt will be needed. One 608ZZ and two 625ZZ bearings. Two springs and two 40mm-long M3 screws and two M3 bolts. Motor requires two 8mm-long M3 screws. Two nuts and a 60-ish mm long M5 rod completes the parts required. M4 bolts can be used to fix the extruder to your 20x20mm extrusions.

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