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SummaryMy wife saw the new AxiDraw and wanted one. http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/846 Unfortunately they will start shipping in June. So I had to do it myself during Easter holidays :-) I am not yet done but progress is being made and as it seems to piece together nicely I think I can share it. AxiDraw is advertised as Open Source so I hope I am not stepping on anybodies toes here (if so let me know). Please note that I have not yet mine up and running so I cannot make any claim about how well it works. We just saw the online video and were hooked. My first mock-up is based on laser cut parts but my plan is to do a fully 3D printed version. STEP source and STL files are provided. Please note some parts may need to be rotated to be printed without supports. Or you can use the Onshape public document to do the same: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/236f46681d1cbe31f6d52db0/w/5948c0b4f86507971afed68c And now it starts to move ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V3bHmOuxTI&feature=em-upload_owner with then new ends that hold the motors down instead of up. And to draw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPq4ciNnNnw Update New and improved pen holder and pen carriage and belt tensioner. I have added a taller part for those with 48mm tall stepper motors too.Post-PrintingBill of materials2 nema 17 steppers () 4 8mm smooth rods (two 400mm-long and two 320mm-long) 8 LM8UU 2 GT2 pulleys 10 F623ZZ bearings 1 micro servo SG90 (plus a 250mm cable extender) 1 Arduino UNO 1 CNCshield 2 Pololu stepsticks 1 GT2 belt ( 1.4 meters long ) 2 M10 threaded rods (400mm-long each) 8 M10 nuts 8 30mm M3 screws with nuts 8 6mm M3 screws 4 16mm M3 screws with nuts 4 M3 washers 2 4mm OD, 100mm-long carbon fiber tubes 2 15mm M3 screws 1 12V 2A power supply 1 USB cable 1 felt tip pen (or many for more fun) () Stepper motors should be 40mm or shorter, unless you chose the taller parts that I later created for some users willing to use 48mm tall steppers (like many use for 3D printers).

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