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This design is a simple compact wristband for everyday use. This file is meant to be put up to the user's creativity and meant for the user to use the design as a base and incorporate their own uses for it. There are three main components to this design, the connector buckle, the base, and the wristband connectors. The main piece is the connector buckle. This buckle in the design is on it's lonesome, but is meant for the user to download anything online and attach by overlapping the downloaded design to the end of the connector buckle with online software. The buckle is intended to improve the daily lives of people who have limited accessibility to their arms and hands. The user can attach a key holder, a cup holder, an attachment to carry bags, an attachment to carry water bottles, and the possibilities are not limited there. This eliminates the need for hands to carry objects or to perform everyday tasks, and instead uses wrist motion and the attachment to aid in the struggles that people with limited access to their arms and hands used to deal with.The base is of a trapezoidal design with an opening in the center, with a buckle attachment meant to be attached to the connector buckle. The design incorporates a buckle design, in order to allow the buckle to be attached to almost every backpack with ease. this way, the Modular wristband can be connected for outer-storage instead of taking up room in the main compartments of your backpack.  The base includes a buckle clip that can be attached to the connector buckle. The base is meant to be small and lightweight to not put any strain on the user's hand. The hole in the base is intentionally placed to carry multiple connector buckles in order for easy accessibility to switch out the many uses of the connector buckle. Lastly, the wristband features the wristband connectors. These bands are intended to be in a link format, so the user can print out however many links needed for use. the links attach to the side of the base on the hollowed out tubes in order to be linked on. The base additionally features a set of the hollowed out tubes, so the design can link around the band, and also ensure a safe connection to the user's arm. This device can improve the lives of many, and instead of the on-person devices that only have one feature currently available right now for people with limited mobility,  this device can feature an innumerable amount of capabilities to help the user's everyday lives, and it is only up to the user's imagination to decide what they are going to do with it. 

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