Filament Spool Holder for MPCNC (F-25mm)

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SummaryUpdate 29.08.2016 added some printable washers split the clamp from endstop. Now you can use it in any direction you want now modular and you can add some more spacers with a longer screw This is a Filament Holder for the MPCNC (F-25mm) 1x M8 x 130mm 1x M8 Nut 4x 608 Bearings 8x M8 Washers (or use the printed one. works perfect.)Print SettingsPrinter: MPCNCRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: NoResolution: 0,2Infill: 20%Notes: Print Instruction for Illustrated Holder 2x Start.stl 1x Clamp.stl 3x Spacer.stl 8x Washer.stl

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