The Knuckled Comb – A Beard Comb

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This Beard Comb is the brainchild of Fully Bearded, a group of three guys dedicated to beards and all that they stand for. We are live on Kickstarter (Tuesday, August 30, 12:01am), and to celebrate, one of the rewards is a discount to download this model. Drop by and grab the "DIY Beardsman" and prepare for mane awesomeness! Check us out at as well – enjoy the comb!

The three of us (Dustin, Neil and Shaun) started working on designs for beard combs this year, and this is by far our favorite printable design! The comb we are Kickstarting is similar, but with leather inserts in the handle that are branded with our very own brass branding iron, and  a slightly different shape and feel based on the injection molding process we will be using. So, download this bad boy, and grab one of the production combs as well!

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