Pill Pouch (for animal medicine)

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SummaryThe DIY pill Pocket http://www.greenies.com/dogs.aspx#/products/dog-pill-pockets?sc_cid=paidsearch_Pill-Pockets---Branded_Pill-Pockets-Brand_pill-pocketsInstructionsPrint all three plastic parts: 1)pill pouch plunger 2)pill pouch ejector 3)pill pouch collar Sand down all edges to allow for pill pouch plunger to fit into pill pouch ejector and pill pouch ejector into pill pouch collar Make a batch of peanut butter pill pouches This recipe can make 50 plus 1/4 cup all purpose flower 1 tablespoon Wheat Gluten 3 tablespoons Peanut Butter 2 tablespoons light corn syrup Mix together in a bowl Remove and hand knead for 2 minutes Pinch off a 1-2 teaspoon and roll into a ball Place Pill pouch plunger into pill pouch ejector Lay pill pouch collar on flat surface (marble works well) Place peanut butter pill pouch pinch into pill pouch collar gently insert plunger & ejector into collar (very light force is needed to mold) Lift collar off the table and remove Pill pouch plunger Push pill pouch ejector into pill pouch collar remove Finished peanut butter pill pouch Place in sealed container then the fringe

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