Xiaomi Yi ZMR 250 Mount


SummaryMount for Xiaomi Yi onto a ZMR 250 quadcopter. Updated to version 2, this mount sits at a 20 degree angle, and has an even wider hole through the bottom to be able use a battery strap / velcro to hold it down. Based on feedback version 2 also reduces the back support so that it is at 90 degrees and can enable you to have a battery pack right up against it. This will help you achieve a better balanced quad. For best result, print with supports enabled. Depending on your printer you may need to enlarge the screw holes a tiny bit for mounting. Edit: Added a 30 degree version (V1, V2 is still in the making) at request of Zackc19.... Have fun and let me know if you built one!InstructionsNothing much to say here... use supports and print in your favourite material - I have printed succesfully with ABS.

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