GnomIoT - The Solar Powered Garden Sensor

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SummaryMonitor your garden with this IoT powered Garden Gnome! Sensors: Outdoor Temperature, Humidy, Soil Maisture, Swimming Pool Temperature and Water Level Power: LiPo Battery and Solar Panel Radio: Wifi and Cloud enabled with online/mobile dashboard Requires 1 Particle Photon WiFi controller 1 LiPo Rider Solar Battery Charger 1 Solar Panel 1 Waterproof Temperature Sensor, DHT11 Sensor and Soil Moisture 1 Breadoard + Various Resistances (Average cost: ~60$) How To Assemble the circuit following the pictures below, then add some duct tape to keep all the parts on the breadboard and insert it in the gnome. The cables for the sensors can be passed through the rear hole with the small cover over it to avoid that the rain will go inside. All the juncture of the gnome model are embossed to avoid water/humidity. Best printed in Laybrick or Wood filaments. Can be painted in acrylic to better impermeability. The Code Load the code in the attachments of this thing to your Particle Build IDE (PARTICLE-LOOP, ONEWIRE and HTTPCLIENT libraries required, found in the libraries section) Change the Dweet name in the first part of the script to a name of your choice Open the Freeboard dashboard and clone it (with the Clone button at the bottom of the dashboard) and change the Datasource on the top right panel with your dweet name. Print SettingsRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.3Infill: 20%Notes: Best printed with temperature resistant materials like ABS, Laybrick or WoodPost-PrintingEasy VersionRequires: 1 Particle Photon Board 1 LiPo Rider Solar Battery Charger 1 Temperature Sensor 5 10k Ohm Resistances 1 BreadboardAdvanced VersionRequires also: 1 DHT11 Temp/Humidty Sensor 1 Soil Humidity Sensor 1 Extra 10k ResistanceAdvanced VersionCustom SectionGreetingsBased on the Makerbot Gnome model

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