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Summary29/07/2015: update MobBob_Remix2.apk -- add buttons to change action loops. . . 26/07/2015 : Add 3 images Add Phone Mount parts Add ProMini holder Add Bluetooth holder update MobBob_Remix2.apk - command change by any action buttons, Change the number will change in number of actions, -1 means continuous fix -- LegPart-v4 add sketchup file . test video 5 -- The first fully independent operation Thanks again Kelvin :) . . 25/07/2015 : Change Kelvin's arudino sketch, now we can use arduino pro min to play MobBob !! test video 4 -- update arduino sketch file -- MobBobRemix2.ino update Android APK -- MobBob_Remix2.apk update ai2 source file -- MobBob_Remix2.aia . . 23/07/2015 : edit Instructions . . Using arduino pro mini to control servos, and MIT App Inventor to create Android Apps. . Test 1 video . Test 2 video . Test 3 video This Thing is a work-in-progress InstructionsBOM Arduino Pro mini x1 Bluetooth modules ( hc-05 or hc-06) x1 EMAX 9g servo (ES06MA) x4 m3 6mm x1 (for phone bottom mount) m3 10mm x2 (for ServoBrace) m3 12mm x2 ( for ProMini_holder,Bluetooth_holder) m3 16mm x2 (for Phone mount) m3 nut x6 Rubber Band x1 (for Phone mount) All parts using KISSlicer Layer Thickness :0.25 SkinThickness :0.75 Inset Surface 0.2 Infill : 12.5% Num Loops : 3 23/07/2015 I'm using bluetooth module HC-05 (and I also test HC-06 OK), use 9600 baud to communication with my android phone. arduino pin 10,11 for RX,TX to connect BT module I'm trying in sending command now, if you want to try, you can download it here. last change MobBobRemix_Control.ino : ai2 web page : use google account to login my ai2 source file : you can import to ai2 by [Projects] > [Import porject (.aia) from my computer...] 2 screen are using at App. Screen 1 is main screen TestServo is test servo movement PS: AI2 cannot pass bluetooth connection to another screen so if you switch screen, you need connect bluetooth again easy with these four videos that show you how to use ai2

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