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SummaryI have trouble getting up in the morning. I somehow managed to get up, grab my phone, turn off the alarm and get back into bed without waking up. Now, I'm designing something to keep me from turning that alarm off without waking (I'm making it difficult!). Designed for an iPhone 5 (no case), this box is designed to be difficult to open while still sleeping. See instructions for how to use it!InstructionsPrint the Lower part. Place your phone inside face-down. Print the Upper part and use it as a lid for the Lower part. Make sure the holes line up! Print the Latch. Put the long side through the open holes on the Upper and Lower parts. When the box is closed, pull out on the Latch so that the short side goes through the closed holes on the Upper and Lower parts. Print the Lock. Insert the Latch's round side through the Lock's, and rotate so that the square sides match up. Move the Lock so that the holes through the squares match up. Print the Pin and insert it through the Lock and Latch parts. You now have a functional box that should keep your alarm going off until you are awake!

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