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This engine design is based on a flat two cylinder engine. 

The files available for download are slightly different than the model in the pictures. Differences include: reduced number of off the shelf parts,  a base for the model, and some minor modifications to some of the parts.  The renderings in the picture section show the updated model. 

The model in the photographs was printed on an objet. If the design is printed on an FDM machine it may need to be scaled up. 

Assembly instructions are included with the parts. 

Hardware Components: (x2)

If you print and build this any feedback is much appreciated! 

Design Files

File Size

Boxer Assembly Instructions.pdf
2.6 MB
1.04 MB
Boxer Block 1.STL
224 KB
Boxer Block 2.STL
252 KB
Connection Rod.STL
48.3 KB
Crank Shaft.STL
302 KB
201 KB
Piston Pin.STL
13.9 KB
722 KB
Pully Cap.STL
76.5 KB
Tension Arm.STL
283 KB
Tension Pully.STL
51.8 KB
Tension Whele Axil.STL
112 KB
Block Mount.STL
154 KB
Epicyclic Gear Rack.STL
973 KB
Epicyclic Gear.STL
36 KB
282 KB
Gear Pin.STL
181 KB
Gearbox Cover.STL
306 KB
68.6 KB
317 KB
Valve Arm .STL
231 KB
Valve Head.STL
188 KB
Valve Housing.STL
901 KB
Valve Rod.STL
52 KB
Valve Top.STL
176 KB


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