SummaryWe have several plum trees in out garden and every year many go to waste because they are to high to pick, even from a ladder. So I thought I would look at the problem and design a grabber that I could use to get them. So this is my design. A large spring is required for the spring bar to return the grabber to the open position. It is designed to fit on top of a standard 23mm broom handle. You need to print the following: 1 x Springbars 1 x Base 1 X ArmHolder 3 x Arms1 3 x Arms2 3 x Arms3 Extra items required: 9 x tiny bolts to fit arms together 2 x small screws to attach to broom handle Broom handle Large spring Long length of strong string Print all the above parts and connect the arms together. Attach the finished article to the top of the broom and feed the string through the eyes on the ArmHolder and Base. When you pull the string the jaws will close and allow you to hold the fruit why you pull it from the tree. I have designed it in SCAD and the files are here if you want to play with them. Please credit me if you do take my design and amend it. The imported.scad just takes the stl’s and combines them together so you can see what it looks like when it is built This is still a work in progress but I am in the process of printing it. It will take me a while I am afraid because I work away from home quite a bit so only get weekends to work on my bits whilst also having family time.

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