Summary--- MiniAmp V 1.1 update --- Resize for the iphone 6s from 6.9 to 7.3mm --- MiniAmp V 1.0 --- This is my new passive speaker, Mini Amp V1. I created this device for 2 reasons; To provide a simple solution to eliminating everyone's habit of cupping their phones to increase the volume For the sole purpose of not having to buy/carry a bluetooth speaker. I Hope you enjoy my little device and send a like or follow if you want more updates and 3d prints. --- Support 3D Creator --- If you would like to help me create more cool things and remake stuff, or buy me coffee that would fuel my creativity, you can by clicking here. --- Tested Printers --- Wanhao Duplicator M3D Micro PrintrBot Metal Simple Raft Settings: not recommended Material Support Settings: Recommended

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