Sandman Flame Gun (Logan's Run)


SummaryTHIS HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY PRINTED This is my version of a Flame Gun from Logan's Run. It has a spring loaded trigger and the cap on the back can be removeable. I've left room for those of you that may want to add electoronics. There is room in the back of the barrel to insert batteries or electronics and easily access them by popping off the back cap. There is also room in the handle below the trigger although that space can ony be accessed during assembly. I've included some printed screw heads for those that want it completely 3D printed but they are small and hard to print. I also included a toggle switch that can be printed or you can drill into the print and mount a real toggle. With this gun you can take out all the runners you ever dreamed of. Good luck and happy hunting!InstructionsParts have been saved out individually for easier printing. I ganged the smaller parts to help keep them from warping or melting by keeping the print head busy jumping between the parts. Please note the side plate has a peg for the trigger which matches up with a hole in the trigger. This peg tends to break. I recommend replacing it with a metal peg or just ignoring it. The trigger works well without being pegged at all.

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