BaNanaBotCage™ (cycle water/banana holder)

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SummaryI’m only a leisure weekend cyclist but a hard core cycling colleague of mine mentioned she took bananas on her long rides but it was always a pain to carry them. Taped to the frame was a bugger to undo ‘on the go’ and stuffed into back pouches meant they often got squashed during the ride – apparently. So, in my product designing spare time I came up with this crazy thing. Download the 3d file, print it out, fix to standard bike mounts and you're ready to go! Water and Banana only a finger tip away! Designed for small bananas only (need to keep ride weight down) Print at 0.2 or finer with high infill - needs to be strong (still in beta testing) No supports or raft needed (this will test your slicer and filament cooling fans) DISCLAIMER: this is first prototype and hasn't been extensively road tested. PLEASE DO NOT use in ride situations where an unrestrained bananas could cause injury! UPDATE: 110616 v2 added. Redesigned to be stronger and smaller - will fit with 150x150x150 build area but with cages to hold larger bananas. Enjoy!

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