MoPro LensB (Mobius - GoPro Conversion Case)

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SummaryThis has been tested and is ready for download Also there is a sneak peek at the MoPro Brushless Gimbal that we are in the process of testing, This will be avalible in 2 Axis & 3 Axis. MoPro (Mobius Lens B Action Cam - GoPro Conversion Case) This Case is for the Wide angled Lens (Lens B) Click on our Account or type RcHobbysUK into the search to find the MoPro Lens A (Standard Lens) If You do not have a 3D Printer you can buy this from our website store at. Lens Extension cable is needed. MoPro Skeleton Case can be found at the link below. This has been on our list of things to design for a while now and finally its finished. This case will transform your Mobius Action Cam to the MoPro, Sizes match the GoPro Hero 3 Exactly and it also weighs the same. There is a few conversion kits on the market to do this but they have no took into account the weight factor. The whole idea was to make this the same size to fit all of the top GoPro Brushless Gimbals out there which other companies have done but overlooked the weight. The most crucial part of the setup is getting the balance right on the gimbal with the cam on. All of the GoPro gimbals on the market have been designed around the GoPro's size and weight so its balanced perfectly, These company's that have made Mobius Conversion kits have made them to fit these gimbals but the weight is all wrong its too light so its pretty pointless why make a conversion kit for gopro gimbals that just wont work. Anyway this one will, Enjoy and please Like, Follow and upload i made one if you print one.InstructionsBuild videos will follow shortly. Print at 100% Infill (for the Weight) and on the best resolution your 3D Printer can print at. (Slowest and best detail for precise printing)

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