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The stem is one of the strongest part of a bicycle. Usualy made of hardened steel, it links the handle to the rest of your bike. Also known as gooseneck, because of his angular shape, a lot of people have rammed the stem with some parts of the body.

Hopefully your pelvis never met the stem, and you want to keep it that way!

The Universal Stem Protection is here to help you with this task, creating a soft pillow between this two, protecting your nuts and all the surrounding areas.

Accidents can happen and this can not avoid it, but if it happens (and I hope it won’t, really!) the Universal Stem Protection can tenderize the ramming.

But just like an ensurance, hopefully we never have to use it.

If you ride a mountain bike and you like adventure, then you know what I’m talking about! An hard turn, a rock or even an hard break can bring nuts and stem to a painful meetup.

If you have kids learning to ride a bike (like me), your kid will thank you one day with some grandchildren to take care of.

Print the Universal Stem Protection  with flexible filament.

Easily printable. No supports or raft needed. Designed with FDM or FFF printers in mind.

I recommend 15% infill with a 0,5mm periferic wall. Of course you can change the density of your Universal Stem Protection. I guess it will depend of what you are made of…

Easily scalable to fit in any unusual stem  dimensions.

The Universal Stem Protection it’s meant to be used in the stem! Not the other way around.

It can be used in any stem of any bicycle.

With this project I hope to spare lots of nuts that insist on ramming the bike’s stem, save lots of spermatozoons and help the human species to overpopulate. We need a reason to go to Mars.

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