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SummaryThe intent was to design a mini roll bender to be used to perfectly bend aluminum tubes of small diameters (about 8mm with a wall thickness of 1mm maximum) This was to help in building a basketball hoop in replacement of my thing that was all in printed materials (and destroyed by too many slam dunks) I can print it again and again, but I prefer to make a new one with a stronger construction made in mixed part printed and not, but ove all I want to have perfect ring made of aluminum. To made the aluminum ring I need obiouvsly an aluminum tube, that I find in a local store, and a roll bender, so I made one printable. Unfortunately I've been too optimistic and it has result too weak to work correctly. (also if printed with 90%infill) So you've been warned that IT DOESN'T WORK ! I decided to post it in anyhow cause probably could be enough for weaker tubes or could be a start or an idea for another thing In any case could be a nice tabletop ornament !

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