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SummaryThis is my personal interpretation of various DIY models of GoPro rotor 360 that can be found on internet. If you own an action cam, a rotor mount, is a interesting way to get spectacular images of yourself while you're trying to produce you some physical damage :-) I made a mixed design with printed parts and some commercial object ready made that can be found in hardware stores In the Instruction you can find a part list of them An example of images that can be obtained is at that youtube link : Video: 3D models of skate helmet and GoPro camera comes from Grabcad NUTS For the swivel joint I used captive nuts to provide a better strength To attach the camera to the tube I design two different kind of mount clamp one with captive nut and one without For captive nuts remember to pause the gcode and insert the nuts a better explanation how to can be found in some of my previous things, see as an example MATERIAL n° 1 Aluminum tube 12mm outside diameter thickness 1 mm - 1 meter long n° 8 washers Ø40 x Ø12 x 2,5 thick. mm (tobe used as a counterweight) n° 1 M 10 x 50 hex head cap screw n° 4 M3 x 10 mm hex head cap screws n° 4 M3 nuts n° 2 M4 x 8 hex head cap screws n° 2 M4 x 25 hex head cap screws n° 1 small swivel wheel 38x38mm base plate

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