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Lampe is a fully 3D printed and customizable lamp.

The minimal design doesn't need support material to be printed and it can be combined with exotic materials to get a premium result. The models were 3D printed with Colorfabb Woodfill (body) and White nGen (lamp screen).

There are two main versions of Lampe: regular version (centered light bulb and lamp screen connector) and minimal version (light bulb on the top part and no lamp screen). Also, there are three lamp screen designs (vertical, horizontal and square) which can be shortened or enlarged to get different shapes and lamp sizes.

The Lampe Collection is fully 3D printed, no screws or glue are needed during the assembly process, and it can be printed in nearly any printer (120x120x120 printing surface, heated bed not necessary).

IMPORTANT: I strongly recommend to use E14 LED light bulbs, in order to avoid any heat or size problem. It's really important for you to check if the light bulb gets warm, as it may deform the lamp (it always depends if you use PLA, ABS or any other material). For the pictures I used the vertical lamp screen combined with a colour changing LED light bulb with remote controller (available online for less than 8€). I'm not responsible for any damage or compatibility issue.

The lamp body and connector can be printed with thick walls and no infill. The lamp screens need to be printed without bottom or top walls, 0% infill and with one perimeter (0.4mm wall, 0.1 layer height and the lowest printing temperature possible to avoid combing). The lamp screen connects to the screen frame applying some pressure, no glue or screws are needed.

I hope you enjoy the design and feel free to improve it.

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