Hill Gradient Reader

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Hill Gradient Reader

A cool little gadget for the novice or more serious cyclist. This device can easily clip onto the handlebars of your bike and inform you of how steep the up or downhill you are on is. The numbers on top are representing degrees.

Print the shell files and fulcrum files with a large infill. 100% if you are patient! It will be protruding from your handlebars so it may have to take  bump every now and then. 

The weight files can be printed with a 50% infill. I recommend a layer height from 1,5 to 2mm. Best of all, no supports!

The model is easy to assemble. Only 4 glue joints. Glue the 2 halves of the weight together first. Now glue the fulcrums to the shells. Slide the weight into place and glue the 2 shells together. Done!

Note that there is no need to glue the fulcrum to each other. Also no glue between the weight and any other part of the model, it must be allowed to move.

To get the best performance from this device, I have created a hole through the weight. This leaves you with the option to place a nut and bolt of suitable size through the hole to create additional weight. The extra weight will give a more stable reading. It will also help the weight part of the design overcome sticking problems from friction. I would also recommend coloring the numbers with some enamel paint or similar to make them more visible at a glance. 


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