iBrake Remote Braking System for Kids Bikes (Brick Compatible)

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Here's the Trailer


This idea came to me in a moment of Dad inspiration. 

I love to let my girls ride their bikes, but then i also don't want them going too far just in case. 

The iBrake system allows the girls to have the freedom but me the piece of mind knowing that i can stop their bikes remotely from up to 100 metres away!

The system comprises 2 main parts, the iBrake (servo and actuator) and the iBrick (the home of the batteries, Blynk Board and brick compatible lid)

Why not take your favourite minifigures with you wherever you go? Remember Lego is for life, not just for christmas!

Using the Blynk Board and Blynk custom iOS app, i am able to turn on the brake on and also able to turn on the 12 LED lights that surround the iBrick. I used super-bright white LED's to be safe and seen! The lights flash when the brake has been applied to give you a visual cue that the brake as been deployed

Here's the tutorial link


I printed the housings at 0.2mm 20% infill, the Rack and Pinion were printed out at 80% infill with 3 perimeters for extra strength.

The Rack should be printed out as orientated to give it the strength to not shred the teeth. Once printed the 2 rack parts should be superglued together

This bad boy actually works, costs about £40 in parts, and could save your child from getting into any unnecessary scrapes

Here's it in action




Design Files

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Servo Rack 2 parts.stl
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Servo housing main.stl
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Servo housing clamp.stl
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Battery Case Mount iBrick.stl
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battery case clip.stl
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iBrake Assembly Drawing v5.pdf
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Battery case top.stl
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servo cog.stl
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servo housing cover.stl
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