Universal Phone Mount for Bike, Car, and Tripod

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If I had to pick then I'd say that this has been the single most useful thing I've ever printed. This dock firmly holds any normal sized smart phone and can mount to your bike handlebar, hang from your car rear-view mirror, or mount to a standard tripod. 

 In the photo I used it with a speedometer app to test my bike speed but my day to day use is for gps purposes. 

Print Settings:

Minimum 3 perimeters and 15% infill. Any material will work. 

Vitamins Required

(1) hose clamp ~.5" thick (For clamping to a bike handlebar)

(1) hex bolt 4" long, fully threaded

(2) 1/4" hex nuts 

(1) compression spring (any kind, just to keep the assembly tight)

(1) nylock 1/4" hex nut. (This one is inserted into the hook)

Design Files

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Phone Dock Clamp Nut V1.1.stl
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Phone Dock Top V1.1.stl
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Phone Dock Base V1.1.stl
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