The $30 3D scanner V5 Updates

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Does this work with Android phone? Yes, the turn table is designed to trigger your phones camera to take 50 pictures per full revolution. You use these photos with Autodesk Remake to create the 3D scan

The turntable is too big for my printer, can it be scaled down? There have been some successful prints at 80% the original size, so yes but i recommend not going much smaller

Is there a version of the turntable part, split in two? Yes, the wonderful Thingiverse community have added a few remixes, check them out on the remixes button

Does it need to print with supports? The majority will print support free, but you will need supports for the main chassis. these are minimal however.

My iPhone 7 doesn't have a headphone jack, can i still use it? Yes you can, just use the included headphones that came with it.

As Remake is now called Recap Photo and requires a premium subscription, you're best using this free photogrammetry software to have a play around


I won the Top Functional Design in the 2016 Pinshape Awards! Thanks to all who voted! #3dprinting



V5 Improvements

V4 chassis cog cover with Turn table support.stl

This is now at V4 as of 08/06/17, it has been thickened to allow for a sturdy, support free print

V4 Improvements

V4_Main_Chassis_1.stl Updated to allow lightening and USB C connectors to fit

V3 improvements

  • Turntable now split into 3 parts for easier printing, the unsplit part will remain for anyone who has a big enough printer volume
  • Main Chassis split 1 and 3 are now V3. The ledges have been thickened up, and support material will now be easier to remove
  • ----------------------------------

    V2.0beta is now available for download!

    The base is now in 4 separate parts that press fit together and the tolerancing on other press fit parts has been improved.

    The iPhone Cradle is now also Height Adjustable to allow for further tweakablility and allow scanning of smaller items

    (If you have already printed all the parts but just want to upgrade the main chassis, that will be no problem as the design is backward compatible)

    This 3D printed design will turn your iPhone into a cheap portable 3D scanner utilising the AWESOME Autodesk Remake software

    The idea is that you use your phones onboard camera to take the pictures while the turn table rotates. This is acheived by using the headphones that were supplied new in the box

    The volume controllers trigger the camera remotely, taking 50 pictures for every complete rotation of the turntable.

    Full project tutorial available here

    Design Files

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    V4 Main Chassis 1.stl
    249 KB
    V3 Main Chassis 3.stl
    141 KB
    V3 Turn Table Split 1.stl
    170 KB
    V3 Turn Table Split 2.stl
    174 KB
    V3 Turn Table Split 3.stl
    179 KB crank handle 1.stl
    96.4 KB
    V2 Cog.stl
    62.4 KB chassis cog cover.stl
    16.2 KB crank handle 2.stl
    281 KB crank wheel.stl
    361 KB iPhone cradle.stl
    87.8 KB Main Chassis 2.stl
    109 KB Main Chassis 4.stl
    151 KB stopper.stl
    9.07 KB Turn Table.stl
    389 KB


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