Armored Batman Thumbling doll

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Armored Batman Thumbling doll movie : Youtube link

It's the armored-Batman thumbling doll('Ottogi' in Korean) by prinpla.

I expressed Armored-Batman humorously.

But humans are strong. It does not fall down!!!

If you have IKEA electric-candlelight,  it can be a small lamp. (Please watch Youtube link)

Like real Batman, it is more cool in the dark.

You must print with INFILL-100%. (If you wouldn't, it'll fall down)

rd_batman_top1.STL : Top part : Batman with Expressionless face of a symmetrical

rd_batman_top2.STL : Top part : Batman with Angry face

rd_batman_base.STL : Base part : Base with Batman mark

Printing Setup :

(My) Material : ABS Natural

Layer Height : 0.2mm

Shell thickness : 1.5mm

Bottom/Top thickness : 2mm

Fill Density : 100% - IMPORTANT!!

Print Speed : 50mm/s

Printing Temperature : 240C

Bed Temperature : 90C

NO Support, NO Raft, NO Brim needed. (It is modeled for the FDM 3D printers!!!)

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