This is a re-interpretation of the clothes hanger, and is inspired by the work of the artist Veronika Paluchova.                                              It is designed in such a way that is foldable and occupies less space when not in use, being folded gives the feeling of seeing the figure of Batman and covered by his cloak.                                                                                                                                                                                            But being deployed we see the silhouette of batman logo and both forms with the Superman shield since because.

The design is in 5 parts:

1 Hook 

1 Front cover 

1 Back cover 

1 Left wings 

1 Right wings. 

3 Screws (Part Number # 96817A910)

I recommend using filament that is resistant or high impact (HIPS, NYLON or ABS) filling must be greater than 80%, because it will sustain weight.

The screw to be used are: Length 10 mm Specifications 18-8 Stainless Steel                           M3 × 1.12-T10 Drive.

Enjoy it !!!!

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