Flying Lego Batman

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What could be better than Batman?!

Lego Batman, that's what!

This guy stands at about 6inches tall with a 1.5 foot wingspan, the wingspan has been calculated to he can actually fly / glide like a bird

The wing frames are to be lined with a thin black plastic, like a bin liner

The print begins tonight and should be complete in 18 hours!

There are 2 versions of the minifigure, one complete solid body, and one made up of all the separate arms, legs etc so you can have full articulation. The parts are designed to press/snap fit together. If you want to add a little Cragle to make sure it stays together after crashing then that's your Lord Business.

I have a few renders for now, should look pretty cool!

This will need to be printed with supports and as it's quite large a 0.2mm layer height and a 20% infill is recommended

Pictures and print to follow

Design Files

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Batman Wing left.stl
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Batman Wing Right.stl
67.8 KB
flying lego batman Wing Template v0.pdf
174 KB
Batman Body rigid.stl
1.72 MB
Batman body.stl
290 KB
Batman Belt.stl
364 KB
Batman Hand.stl
245 KB
Batman head.stl
867 KB
Batman Helmet.stl
2.04 MB
Batman left arm.stl
527 KB
Batman left leg.stl
391 KB
Batman Right Arm.stl
526 KB
Batman right leg.stl
391 KB


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