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Some patterns I created for making silicone molds used in Candy/ Chocolate making. Silicone is used to encapsulate these pieces to create the molds for the candy/ chocolate. These are some objects frequently used in the Middle East region. You can rescale them to your desired size. At 4 cm they are printable without supports. Printed at 0.06mm/layer, 0.8 shell thickness.

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lantern closed_4cm.stl
203 KB
incense holder.stl
1.09 MB
rose water holder1.stl
1.47 MB
vimto bottle (11 mm).stl
1000 KB
vimto bottle (15 mm).stl
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rose water holder2.stl
1.51 MB
Oriental makeup Bottle base1 (thinner).stl
1.18 MB
Oriental makeup Bottle base2.stl
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Oriental makeup Bottle top1.stl
2.33 MB
Oriental makeup Bottle top2.stl
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