Valentine's Tree Decorations!

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SummaryWhat this video for more information and to find out why I'm decorating a tree for Valentine's Day: :) These are some decorations for a Christmas Tree that we are using for Valentine's Day! There is a musical heart ornament that is just supposed to be printed normally and hung on the tree. Then the two smaller models are light toppers. They just slide over the lights and make it glow in different colors! I printed them in Hatchbox Transparent Red PLA ( so it gives the tree a very nice red glow. It definitely makes it feel more like Valentine's in that room. These were all printed at 0.3mm layer height. The musical heart ornament isn't really affected by changes to layer height or infill, but the transparent parts are heavily affected. So experiment for yourself, but I used 0.3mm layer height and 20% infill to give me a very nice glow around the light. More infill and a smaller layer height will decrease the light that escapes and vice versa. So figure out what you like best!

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