Cheese Press Mold and Follower

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SummaryMakers were making food before making objects, so what better than combining the two. If you are a foodie and ever wondered about making cheese from scratch, it is easy, fun and produces yummy cheese from ingredients you choose vs. some factory. This mold will allow you to press a press a 2lb wheel of cheddar or whatever. The picture shows a semisoft goat farmer's cheese. *Update - I have added a mold with a bottom and drain. Printed in PLA at 100% fill it has withstood 50lbs of pressure in a cheese press with easeInstructionsThe ring mold is printed at 100% fill with 4 shells. The follower 50% also 4 shells. You could experiment with less fill, but the follower bears 50 lbs of load in the press. The 50% fill held up well printed in PLA

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