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SummaryOpenForge ========= Dungeon diagonal tiles designed to be compatible with Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles. This set also includes half diagonal floor tiles for dealing with diagonals that have playing area on both sides of the wall. The smooth set can be used for any number of things. Look at the Smooth floor tile set for ideas. There, I've done concrete, ice and dirt. Here I've done concrete. Compatible tiles/walls in this series are tagged with OpenForge You can find this set on github OpenForge Sets ============= Smooth Tile Series - Smooth tiles that can be used as concrete, dirt, ice, etc. Smooth Edge Tile Series - Smooth tiles that can be used as concrete, dirt, ice, etc. Edge tiles. Stone Tile Series - Stone tiles. Stone Edge Tile Series - Stone edge tiles. Crenelated Tile Series - Crenelated Tiles Crenelated Edge Tile Series - Crenelated edge tiles Tudor Tile Series - Tudor tiles. Tudor Edge Tile Series - Tudor edge tiles. Ruined Series - Ruined stone walls Accessories - Pillars, etc. Non-Series Tiles - Misc tiles, such as the pool Module Specific Tiles - Tiles designed for specific modules. InstructionsPrinted in black. Painted with successive layers of dry brush of grey, tope, and light grey. Cracks are painted with wider lines of the light grey and a thinner line of black.

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