Batman v. Superman mini screw tool

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One of my friend is a mechanical engineering really love these two character, and that time i wonder what to prepare a gift for him as a thanksgiving , and sudden come out with an idea ,designing , combining, printing and made a unique and useful tools (mini screw tool).

Taking model from Thingiverse and other sources , using tinkercad to combine and design.. 

Using Up machine printing the model takes me approximately 9 hour++ . Really need to be careful peeling off the raft and support , raft stick really well~~~

It's  really solid and i tested it on screwing something , it really firm~~i think he won't use it for sure , cause it is masterpiece...(of course i can print more of it)

I think go for Acetone Vapor the model will be more nicer and quality..

Hope it really surprised him.. Hope you all like it too...

What do you think..Pls give a like or comment. Thank you

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