Spicegun, Revolver for spices

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Summaryi stopped working on this during winter.. new version is coming soon.. with foldable ergonomic grip Deliver up to 6 spices onto your meals like a boss! Saw a pic from a asian desinerpage with a similar approach.. and designed my own rightaway. Wont Fit a ToM but try scaled down. all need some outer support.InstructionsHuge print for huge printers.. dont know how small you can can scale it. Rendering: http://youtu.be/RvXwZ2PwPZI Handle,tube and outlet need some outer support. Print. Grind for Frictionfit. Glue Top of the revolverdrum onto Base. Prepare a Wire for the Rotationtrigger.(thers no printed trigger yet) it will go through the channel in the Handle part. First on the revolverside fold a triangular-like shape that should hook onto the drums teeth. Then fill spices into and assemble the gun with a 8mm rod and stopping Endnuts. Use stickers to name all spices on the outside.. (here you decide if its gonna be for left or righthanded use)

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