Foot for tube leg (table/ chair/etc) Parametric and Angled

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SummaryParametric foot for the end of hollow tube. Made to insert into the tube and provided a solid foot. Angle parameter prints a foot for legs that are angled with respect to the floor (like most are). Now you can print foot that inserts into a tube of any diameter, that is any angle, and has any size foot. Enjoy, and feel free to modify for uneven floors, or table legs that aren't even. Blue skies, Jim Rasmussen TabSynth Design Works LLCPrint SettingsRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.27 or standardInfill: 20% seems plenty solidNotes: Extra shells are good. we used 3Post-PrintingWorked great right of the printer. Measure tube carefully, and you may need to tweak the diameter to achieve a good press fit. We add a version with an O ring for friction fit.

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