Geoffs Ormerod Y Axis Belt Clamps

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SummaryStill putting my Ormerod 1 kit together - it's rather like the Curates egg - good in parts. There are some very nicely designed parts, but the original Y-Axis belt Clamping method can best be described as TOTAL GARBAGE - I tried several times to get enough tension & just gave up. I tried iamburnys RepRap_Pro_Ormerod_iamburnys_Y-axis_BeltClamp-_Parametric, ( ) but the belt kept slipping out, so I added an extra screw & some nut holders to really really clamp it in tightly -combined with a Y-idler tensioner ( ) there is no slipping now, and the tension is very easily adjusted :-) I'm also not too impressed with the kludgy white targets needed for leveling, a printer without Marlin style Auto levelling with bed warp compensation is, IMHO, a nearly useless time waster - it's next to fix on my list. As an example, my Solidoodle 2 was a nightmare to use before I added a $10 Inductive sensor (from learCNC) and FlashForge Build Tape. Now it's a joy to use - just load a STL and print, no levelling needed anymore - I just need to setup the Z height once.Print SettingsPrinter Brand: SolidoodlePrinter: Solidoodle 2 - ProRafts: NoSupports: NoInfill: 80%

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