PS4 Nexus 7 Remote Play Mount

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SummaryUpdate 10/27 - I have redone the angle of the clip and it sits much more comfortably while holding the controller more naturally. This is a mount for a Nexus 7 to connect with a PS4 controller and use the PS4 Remote Play App. It lets you stream your game to your hand while your family, friends, and others want to use the TV while you need to grind a few more Exp. The remote play app was ported to most android devices by here This does not require root! However you will need a micro to micro usb cable, or we have a USB to micro adapter that works just as well. (The controller needs to be connected to the device) I printed without supports and the holes came out fine. But they would be neater with some support. The file is very easy to manipulate in Tinkercad. You can adjust the center of gravity, or shrink down the clip to fit another device. (I made the inside 3mm smaller than the device to make sure the hold was tight)

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