PieceMaker - Build your own board game pieces


Make your own pieces, make your own game. Extend an existing board game, bling out your chess set, or make up something completely new! With this board game piece customizer you can choose the height, width, flare, style, taper, and caps to be whatever you like. You can even choose settings that allow you to embed coins inside your print so that your pieces will have more satisfying "heft".

Try out the included demo models or press the "Open in Customizer" button to get started making your own custom board game pieces. All of the pieces in the photo, plus thousands more, can be made by customizing this one model. Pieces and Games Challenge!

If you design a game piece with PieceMaker, please post a "Make" and use it to describe the name of your piece and what you think its properties should be. Specify rules for your piece about movement, attack, defense, effects on other pieces, effects from other pieces, and any random elements. If you design a set of pieces for a new game, or collect other people's pieces to make a game, then post your game as a remix and describe the rules! If a bunch of good pieces and games come out of this then I'll feature them on Hacktastic.


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This design and all associated pictures and files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. If you want to use designs, images, or files outside of the terms of this license, please email [email protected]

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