duplicator 4s door lift hinge.. v1.2 (should work with makerbot/

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SummaryI designed this door lift hinge for my wanhao duplicator 4s because I got tired of having to flip open the door... now the door stays open with no clips or anything else . and even keeps the door closed with no door latch needed. door don't even shake anymore.. swivel blocks and arms snap together.(no screws) you will need to take off the face of your printer(wanhao duplicator 4s) to make holes for mounting the swivel blocks to the front of your printer. (reason for removing the front is the holes are where the metal frame is.) door stops go where the original hinge holes are. (keeps the top from falling inward.. I relocated the handle to the middle. for a more level lift on the door. this was made for the wanhao duplicator 4s but will probably work with any printer with a door..

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